Tom Langston

The Engine Room

The Engine Room

Tom found out the hard way that he’s a 100% red-blooded tech guy.  He started building computers when he was a young kid and carried his deep passion through his school years and into the first seven years of his work career.  He then wondered whether the grass was greener on the other side and did a range of jobs including retail, heat pump installation and personal training.  In fact, he became a very accomplished body builder, which coincidentally made heat pump units feel like polystyrene!  But it turns out he couldn’t resist the pull back to IT and, after a couple of years in the industry in Auckland, joined the team.

Tom gets energised by working with people so aligns strongly with our focus on world class client experience.  He is also a reluctant perfectionist who has a huge thirst for learning.  His passions are all things related to IT networking and he loves being thrown big challenges.

Outside of work, Tom still goes to the gym, enjoys spending time with his family and travel.

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