Tom Cawood

The Chairman

The Chairman

Tom is our Chairman and he makes sure is peering into the future for new services and products to make our clients‘ organisations perform better and work smoother. He’s the guy who came up with our mission statement, ‘Getting technology really working for you.‘ It seems very simple but, if you read it carefully, you’ll see there are double meanings that make it much harder for us to achieve.

Dr Tom is a medical specialist at Christchurch Hospital and crams a lot of stuff into his day. He‘s written a book that’s sold on Amazon & Kindle, guided fly fishing trips in the Southern Alps, run international medical conferences and has built a guitar from scratch. If you think building a guitar from scratch is easy, give yourself six months and see how you go. You probably won’t see much of Tom as he’s purposely one-step removed from operations. This distance gives him the ability to ask the tough questions and he prides himself as a Chairman that doesn’t let us off the hook on anything.

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