Rob Baird

The Engine Room

The Engine Room

Rob grew up on a sheep & beef farm in the Mackenzie Country so he’s all about relationships and has no time for trendy IT jargon!  He has nine years experience across the business, education and local government sectors both in New Zealand and the UK.

Rob is one of our crack robotic process automation programmers but he also plays a key role in every step of the process including inception, business analysis, business case, proof of concept, project management and testing.  He has a cunning knack of finding simple ways of getting the job done.

Rob takes a special interest in making sure client needs are fully understood before launching into a new project and delights in everyday people using cutting-edge tech with minimal fuss.  He especially likes to see how products can be tweaked and pushed beyond their normal boundaries, squeezing out as much as possible out of a customer’s infrastructure.

In his spare time Rob can be found trying to break apart some new technology or reading up on what’s just around the corner.  He’s handy on a mountain bike and not adverse to a cold beverage in the sunshine.

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