Christopher Gardiner

Client Supporter

Client Supporter

Christopher, or ‘CJ’, hails from the US but was drawn to Aotearoa to be closer with family who had immigrated.  Of course, he met a lovely Kiwi lady and his American days were over!  We’re lucky to have CJ as one of our Client Supporters and his whole career has been about providing clients the best possible service.

CJ has spent many years in the telco industry in the States and NZ.  Prior to that, he was a Project Manager who was frustrated with old school, manual processes.  When his manager said the company didn’t want to invest in software, CJ coughed up his own money, installed it himself and began doing business.  A few months later, the manager asked why he was so much more productive and … well, that software platform got rolled out company-wide across the US!

CJ is a very clever music guy, helping to produce music for some famous US artists.  He’s a bit tight lipped about who they are so see if you can draw that out of him.

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