Anthony Nixon

The Engine Room

The Implementer

Anthony is not called The God Father for nothing! With over 20 years in the industry, there’s simply not much he hasn’t seen or can’t figure out. He’s the go-to guy for clients and colleagues alike.

Anthony joined the team six years ago and was struck by the team culture and day-to-day organisation. He reckons it’s a big part of why has attracted so many good clients and he genuinely enjoys the lasting relationships he’s created with them.

We’re not sure how to select Anthony’s list of specialties as it’s a pretty long list. But, at the risk of offending him, we’ll throw out project managment, network design, cloud services, back ups, Office 365 and Google Apps. Like most of the guys in The Engine Room, he loves cool technology and is always on the look out for new products.

Outside of work, Anthony has amassed two cats, one dog, two ginnea pigs and multiple other animals have come and gone.  He’s a family man with two kids and enjoys gaming, mountain biking and watching any movies and sport.

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