ActiveTech Protection

Tailored solutions giving return ON investment

ActiveTech Protection is our very own software management tool designed to give you peace of mind and to reduce the cost of fixing problems. 

After eight years of development, it makes your system more resilient and is a cornerstone to our support for both PCs and Macs.

ActiveTech provides

  • an advanced cloud-based anti-virus with built-in artificial intelligence that minimises the ‘strain’ on your computer,
  • an easier way of creating and deleting staff access and set-up,
  • direct sight into your computer and network to quickly troubleshoot,
  • faster, safer and more-convenient implementation of new software to all computers,
  • ability to customise your network using advanced scripting,
  • proactive monitoring of the health of your computer / network to prevent data being lost and
  • multiple ways of preventing problems, including clean-ups, back-ups and re-boots

To bolster ActiveTech, our team monitors every irregularity throughout the day so odds are we’ll detect these problems before you do!  It gives us the ability to immediately act on alerts to prevent issues arising.

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